The other day I came across a print out of an email I had sent to a writer at the local newspaper titled, "Lisa's Top 5 Tips for Marketing Your Creative Business With Little or No Money". It was these five tips that I would share with other artists, creatives, and makers who were complaining that they weren't selling much of their work. The date on the email is October 15, 2009; nearly six years ago, and the really cool thing is that all of these tips are still relevant and, in some cases, can be expanded upon. I thought I would take a few moments and retype (because all I found was the printed email) these tips to share with you today. These tips were a catalyst of sorts for the launch of Pink Spark Creative, so they are very special to me!

Please let me know if you were able to use any of these tips to market your creative business and share them with others who may find them useful. I encourage you to pin this post on Pinterest, tweet it on Twitter and post it to Facebook because these are easy and inexpensive tips that anyone can do! And did I mention that are wallet-friendly!

Here we go!

1. Get some inexpensive or free business cards. There are many places to order cards, like VistaPrint, MOO and Overnight Prints, with your business name or Etsy shop name and some information about what you create along with an image or two. Putting a photo of yourself or what you create on your business card will give people something to identify with when they look at it again.

2. Set up a shop on Etsy. It's free to open a shop and the costs are low to list and sell. Etsy is the place anyone looking to buy handmade will visit and you have a good chance of being found through searches. Take advantage of all the helpful information Etsy has to offer and be sure to use all your available keywords as well as give your items search-friendly descriptions and titles. Get on the forums and learn from other sellers!

3. Take advantage of social media! Facebook and Twitter are great places to start. (Since writing this list in 2009, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ among others have come onto the social media scene, so there are lots of other platforms to use!) Get on Facebook and set up a Page for your business. It is easy and it gives you the opportunity to get information out to the people who 'like' your Page quickly and most importantly, regularly. Set up a Twitter account and start following other creative business owners to get ideas and see how they are utilizing Twitter to market their business. Tweet about what you are creating, listing on Etsy and communicate virtually with the people you would like to have as your customers. Don't tweet about what you ate for lunch unless it was personally prepared by Emeril. Don't tweet only your Etsy listings. Sprinkle in some non-sales generating tweets or folks will unfollow you for being boring or too salesy. Less IS more with social media. Social media is all about growing a following of people who like you and the what you create. Most importantly, be yourself on-line.

4. Start blogging. Set up a blog at Blogger or WordPress and start writing about your business. Write posts about what you are doing, what you have created, your ideas for new work or even other artists and craftspeople whose work you admire. Let the people you write about know so they can post a link to your post on their blog or website. Follow the blogs of other creative people and learn. It's also nice to comment on someone else's blog when you have found their post informative, fun or if you shared it on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. A great blog can take the place of a website especially if you don't have the time, money or skill to maintain a website. Blogs are free and you can post photos and information instantly. Another reason blogs are great is because you can share links to your posts across your social media platforms for even more free marketing reach! 

5. Send out newsletters via the Interwebz. Newsletters sent to the recipient's email address are an effective low-cost method for reaching your customers. Get the name and email address of each and every customer (and potential customer) that you can. Mailchimp is a great free tool to use while you are growing your list as it is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Place a clipboard and sign-up sheet at art shows and craft fairs, put a suggestion for people to email you their contact information on your blog and ask each Etsy seller to sign up for your blog. You may also want to consider adding a link to your newsletter sign-up on your blog and on your Etsy shop page. Before you know it you will have a large mailing list of people who are genuinely interested in your and your art or craft. Send a newsletter on a regular basis, but not too often. Content is important so be sure that you have something newsworthy to share in each newsletter such as a special or promotion, a new design or collection, art shows or craft fairs where you will be exhibiting, or business milestones. Keep the newsletter short, easy to read and includes lots of visuals like photos.

So, there you have five easy to follow tips for marketing your creative business that won't empty your wallet! Since writing this list in 2009, I have taught several workshops and courses on utilizing the various social media platforms to spread the word about your creative business and I would love to teach you if you need help in this area of your creative business marketing. I'm also working on a post with five tips on using photographs to brand your creative business, so be looking out for more low-cost ways to grow your biz in that post and future posts too.

Share your low-cost and free tips for marketing in the comments or tweet them to me at @PinkSparkCr8ive and I will share them! Spreading the love!

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