Do you ever feel like you've become stagnant? Like you've lost your mojo, your umph, your creative spark? I know I sure have. Sometimes it's just a little creativity blockage and if I whip out my pens and coloring book, it opens up the creative flow in a few minutes. But sometimes, I'd feel like my creative flow had run completely dry and nothing could fix it. But I did eventually figure out how to fix it. And it was easy!

What was this magical fix, you ask? Getting outside my comfort zone. Oh, it sounds simple, doesn't it? Just hop right out of that comfort zone and your creativity starts flowing like Niagra Falls, right? Not so fast! Here's how it might work for you too. The next time you have a blockage in your creative flow or you can't find just the right words for that blog post you were so excited about writing five minutes ago, try doing something you have never done before. And before you start thinking I am suggesting you give skydiving or swimming the English Channel a shot, think about a small thing that is outside of your comfort zone. Maybe try that yoga pose you've been thinking you couldn't do. Or work on that photography technique you read about the other day. Perhaps you could just try writing with your pen in the opposite hand.

Changing things up disrupts your brain. The disruption sort of jumpstarts it and gets things flowing again. So the next time you feel like you're losing your mojo, get outside your comfort zone and see what awesome things happen! If you want to keep your creative spark sparking, get outside of your comfort zone every day. Not only will you be continuously disrupting your brain, but perhaps you'll learn something new or discover a cool new technique or develop a fresh style.

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