Almost everyone has commitment issues. But if you are having commitment issues with the goals you made on January 1 this could signal a big problem, so I am sharing 5 easy ways to stick to your goals.

1. Manage your time
Sure, this sounds easy, but time management takes practice and the proper tools. As I mentioned in the post on Monday about productivity, having a good planner or calendar system can help you identify how you are using your time and help you find the best times to get different types of work done and block out time to work on your goal tasks.

2. Work in time blocks
Whether your goal is to create more or blog more, you will accomplish more if you schedule blocks of time to focus on your goal tasks. Many creatives make the goal of blogging every week, but they get caught up in their work creating and listing and shipping, and suddenly four weeks have gone by since the last blog post. Blocking out time each week or month to focus on writing blog posts and scheduling them, will ensure you meet this goal.

3. Make sure your goals are SMART
One reason folks don't stay committed to their goals is because the goals are not Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Time-Bound. If your goals are not SMART, then you may find yourself off-track and lost. Stay focused and committed by making your goals SMART.

4. Cut yourself some slack
If you have made sure our goals are SMART, be sure to cut yourself some slack if you miss your deadline by one day or your don't get exactly 100 new subscribers to your list. Being flexible with your goals will increase your level of commitment and often give you the extra boost you need to actually reach the goal. Remember, your goal must be reasonable!

5. Reward yourself
A reward doesn't have to be monetary! When you reach a goal, be sure to reward yourself with something meaningful to you. Maybe it's an afternoon off to go mountain biking. Perhaps you will close the lid on your laptop early on Friday to have cocktails with a friend. Whatever the reward, be sure it is something that excites you. My favorite rewards are to go to the thrift store and spend $5 or take a bicycle ride with my husband!

Let me know how you stay committed to your goals! Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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