So, how is it? Is your productivity level where you want it? If it isn't, maybe it is time to focus on one task at a time rather than trying to multi-task your way through your day. Not having any focus to your day means you don't have a plan for what you need to and want to accomplish. Some days may be filled with appointments. Some may be filled with creating the handmade items you sell. Some days may be spent running errands. And some days you might just want to have a little downtime to read a book. 

For the last four months I have been using the Day Designer planner to help me be more productive and use my time wisely. For the months of October through December, I used the planner page you can download from the website and then when my 2015 planner arrived, I started using it. Blocking out my time has really helped me get more done in a day AND allow for time for the things I want to do, like working out and spending time with my husband and friends. There is a section at the top of the planner page for the three most important tasks you want to accomplish and this in itself has been amazing at keeping me on task. I can use the section with each hour broken down to plan work blocks and the section on the right is where I make my to do list. Everyone uses their Day Designer a little differently, but the design will work for almost everyone, no matter how they use it.

This is the planner cover I chose! It's called Carrie Floral and it features my two current fave colors- pink and teal!
Below you will see the Day Designer planner page that you can download for free on the Day Designer website. The planner that you can purchase features the same page, but with the date (unless you buy an undated version) and an inspirational quote for each day. Using the planner pages for a few months before purchasing my 2015 planner helped me determine how I was going to use the planner.
Another reason I wanted to share about my productivity solution is because I spent countless hours designing my own planner only to realize it was going to cost quite a bit to print it and the Day Designer was pretty darned close to what I designed.

The other tool/system I swear by is a blogging editorial calendar and I will share about that in next week's Multi-Tasking Monday post.

Just a reminder that multi-tasking really doesn't work and maybe time blocking won't work for you, but don't get discouraged. Keep trying different methods of getting things done until you find the one that works for you!

I would love to know what tools or resources you use to stay productive! Share yours in the comments!

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