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Pink Spark Creative has actually been around for a while, but I called it 'Creative Business Learning Center' and didn't have a special place where I could direct potential clients to get information about the services I offered and how they could work with me, share information with creative business owners, or show creatives who were looking to start a business what to expect.

One thing I always tell my clients is to not wait to make their dreams come true. Most people want to plan out every last detail before they launch a business, but the truth is, you won't ever have everything perfect. Trust me. I have tried. When I decided to start my creative business consulting business {yeah, that's a mouthful}, I just did it. I didn't have a name, a website, any fancy documentation, or even a place to meet with clients. I just did it. But, now that I have been working through simplifying my world and creating more awesomeness than you can shake a stick at, I wanted to build a brand that would show creatives what I can do for them. And that, friends, is how Pink Spark Creative came to be. Pink because I love pink. Spark because we're going to ignite your creativity and your business. Creative because those are my people; the creative folks, the makers, the artists, the photographers, the left-brainers.

What I do for creatives is help them ignite the spark to launch/relaunch/brand/grow their creative business. What is your spark? Your spark might be to create a business plan. Your spark might be to define your products. Your spark might be to set up an Etsy shop. Your spark might be to write an ebook. 

For a limited time I am offering FREE 30-minute strategy calls to work through your number one burning issue and give you an action plan to give your creative business an instant spark! This is a great opportunity for us to chat and see if we'd be a fabulous fit to work together. Schedule your strategy call today! I can't wait to ignite your spark!

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