It's a legitimate question to ask yourself when you are building or growing your business. Are you waiting for everything to be perfect or are you moving forward with "good enough", "fairly decent", or average" and making things happen? Too often I have worked with clients who have lots of enthusiasm, unique ideas, top-notch products or even businesses that only needs a few tweaks to achieve success simply let opportunities pass them by because they are waiting for perfect. It doesn't matter if they are waiting for the perfect moment to launch, the perfect amount of inventory to set up shop, the perfect website, the perfect content for their social media, the perfect location, or the perfect photographs, chances are they will still be waiting for perfect in a month, six months or a year. We've all done it. I know I have. But then you realize that you can change , improve, adjust or modify after the launch or whatever it is you are trying to do perfectly. Perfect is a dream. Perfect is a myth. Perfect is for people who don't really want to do anything.

Are you in the perfect trap? How can we get you out? Whatever the thing is you are holding back from doing because something isn't perfect, just let it go. Launch that business. Open that restaurant. Post that photo on social media. Start being successful. Don't wait for perfect. Work toward perfect. Embrace the imperfections and let them become a part of you and your business. Chances are your favorite pair of jeans are the ones that are a little worn out, not the ones that are brand-new and perfect. Think about why you like them so much and see how that relates to your "imperfection". It probably seems pretty silly now how much time and effort has been wasted waiting for perfect.

I'd love to help you get past your idea of perfection. Your first 30-minute strategy session is free because working one-on-one with a business coach for the first time isn't going to perfect and we can get to know each other and make sure we're a great fit first. I understand the desire to have perfect. Been there, done that! But then I realized I was missing out on so much in my business and personal life because of it, so I changed my mindset and now I aim for the best I can. It feels great and I'm the only one who knows it isn't perfect! Pretty cool, huh?

For a limited time I am offering FREE 30-minute strategy calls to work through your number one burning issue and give you an action plan to give your creative business an instant spark! This is a great opportunity for us to chat and see if we'd be a fabulous fit to work together. Schedule your strategy call today! I can't wait to ignite your spark!

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